SimCity to get city size expansions

SimCity has been put through its paces with two rounds of beta testing, which means that by now you might have tried it for yourself. If you found the cities too small for your liking, rest easy. Creative director Ocean Quigley says cities will get bigger as computing power increases.

"That is just a performance decision," Quigley told IncGamers. "Given that was the performance constraint we decided to work under, we built a larger region environment and a bunch of the multiplay to work with 2km cities. At some point in the future, especially with mainstream computers become more capable, we could certainly make the city sizes larger."

He said that as a mainstream game, it needs to run on "your dad's PC" as well as yours. But as PCs get more capable, he claims the update will come at some point. "We'll eventually get around to expanding the city size but I can’t make any promises as to when."