XCOM: Enemy Unknown invading Mac

If you're a Mac owner whose stubborn refusal to dual-boot Windows has kept you from playing one of 2012's best games, good news: XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to you. Port publisher Feral Interactive today announced it's bringing Firaxis's turn-based tactics 'em up to Mac this spring with the DLC included.

Feral's 'Elite Edition' of Enemy Unknown will contain the so-so Slingshot DLC, which cost $7, the $5 Elite Soldier pack and all its customization options, and the big free Second Wave DLC.

If you do own a Mac and have already bought XCOM for Windows, bad news. It's highly unlikely that Feral will bring it to Steam to give you a free SteamPlay copy--the publisher does want and deserve to make money off its hard work, after all.

Feral plans to announce the price and system requirements closer to XCOM's spring Mac launch.