Vanquish and Mega Man X join PlayStation Plus Instant Collection

Just in time for the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PlayStation Plus members will be able to enjoy one of Platinum's best games. Vanquish is a shoot 'em up that has you sliding into and over cover, as you fight ridiculous robots with even-more-ridiculous moves.

Free-to-play FPS Dust 514 is offering a free bonus to Plus members as well. The "Starter Pack" will include consumables to use in CCP's online shooter, and is a $9.99 value.

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Plus members with either a PSP or PS Vita will be able to nab Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, a remake of the original Mega Man X, with new character models, remixed music, and unlockable features. It's also pretty good.

As usual, PlayStation Plus updates go live on late Tuesday, along with the rest of the PlayStation Store update.