Microsoft opens new studio for Xbox interactive content

Those PlayBoxes in the corner of your living room have been increasingly presented as (or increasingly become, at least) some sort of magical portal to all manner of non-game things, and the next generation will surely be moreso. Microsoft yesterday announced that it's formed a new studio to make more "true interactive content" for the Xbox and other devices, things like the Election 2012 Hub and Grammy Awards coverage.

Xbox Entertainment Studios, in Los Angeles, is headed by Microsoft president of entertainment and digital media Nancy Tellem, who was formerly president of CBS Entertainment.

"When I worked in traditional TV, we would find ourselves saying things like 'Wouldn't it be cool if we could add an interactive aspect directly into the show and engage directly with the viewers?'" Tellem said. "With Xbox, that is possible today."

Of course, you may not be excited about all of that interactive future. The Xbox 360 gained Kinect-enabled 'NUads' advertisements last fall, and who's thrilled to see advertising a bigger part of the dashboard? Though, worryingly, Microsoft said that 37% of people responded to "the first wave" of them. You people!