Wasteland 2 walkthrough reveals early gameplay

Ten months after its smash-hit Kickstarter ended, inXile Entertainment has shown off the first proper footage of the crowdfunded Wasteland 2. The trailer packs a whopping 15 minutes of post-apocalyptic RPG fun, narrated by dev director Chris Keenan, looking a fine follow-up to the 1998 classic.

"We're just past the halfway mark, so don't expect to see everything that you can expect from the final game just quite yet," inXile pointed out. Accordingly, the demo doesn't have all particle effects; sound effects weren't running so they were added in editing; the mini-map doesn't work; it doesn't show inventory and character screens; and so on. But none of that matters.

The gameplay demo sees a squad of Rangers investigating reports of rampaging plants, gunning down mutated insects in turn-based combat, chatting with the locals, picking locks, cracking safes, and generally living the life of a post-apocalyptic Ranger.

Before that, though, inXile has packed into the video a selection of the radio messages you'll pick up roaming the wasteland, adding flavour to the world and giving you leads to investigate.