Hawken devs looking at mech melee weapons, clan decals

Stomping a round in a huge mech can be immensely gratifying. But to be honest, if could be even more exhilarating if that mech had a huge mace in one hand and a sword in the other. Right? Well, it appears the Hawken devs at Adhesive Games are thinking along the same lines.

Adhesive co-founder Chris Lalli said the team has explored the possibility in a experimental way. "I'd like to see specialized mech classes or balanced weapons that incorporate melee," he told PC Gamer, "but at the cost of ranged attacks or something along those lines." He also said that any adaptation would need to fit within the scheme of the Hawken universe.

Also up for discussion was the idea of clan insignias, but wouldn't commit to user-created content because of the potential for offensive designs, and the obvious need for oversight.

Hawken is currently in open beta and is expected to launch early this year.