Hawken launch delayed to early 2013; open beta hits December 12

Free-to-play multiplayer mech game Hawken has had its official launch delayed until early 2013, instead opting to go to open beta on the originally scheduled release date of December 12. In anticipation of the open beta, it will be closing its Vanguard Initiative pre-sales tomorrow.

"The timing has changed," a representative for publisher Meteor Entertainment said. "Prior, the development team had not given themselves Open Beta timeframes so [they] have adjusted accordingly. Launch is slated for early 2013."

Developer Adhesive Games has already held several closed betas for the game and has gotten plenty of feedback, but it plans to use the open beta to continue to polish the game. "We have so much more to add to Hawken, lots of features, balance changes, and improvements." said lead animator and Adhesive co-founder Chris Lalli. "The Open Beta Event allows us flexibility to roll out these updates in waves, and get instant player feedback that will influence the final version of the game."

Players hoping to get some early perks can still get in on pre-sales by dropping from $5 to $60 on various packs. But you'll need to grab them before noon PT tomorrow. Players who already purchased an Ensign pack or above will get the Cupcake mech when the open beta begins.