Antichamber coming January 31

The long-coming indie game Antichamber has scored a release date. The game is coming January 31 on Steam. The title is a "psychological exploration" game, in which perception can't always be trusted.

The game features Escher-like visuals with impossible physics that wrap around themselves. Navigating your way through with a gun that can create, destroy, or manipulate matter makes for some unique puzzles. It comes from indie developer Alexander Bruce, and has been the recipient of more than 25 awards and honors from various festivals. Last April it scored Indie Fund backing.

"Creating Antichamber was a journey that took me around the world and deep within myself, through an emotional rollercoaster with the highs of award ceremonies and the lows of going a little bit insane," Bruce said in the announcement. "After several years of obsessively watching people play and trying to get inside their minds, refining and then watching some more, this is what I've discovered, and it's finally time to share that with the world."