Antichamber scores Indie Fund backing

The non-Euclidean puzzles of Antichamber have not only won over the IGF judges, they've also impressed the indie stars behind the Indie Fund. Alexander Bruce's first-person puzzler has become the seventh game to receive financial backing from the Indie Fund, as it heads towards release on PC "when it's done."

"Truly mind bending and surprising puzzle design aside, what makes Antichamber feel very special to us is that its development chronicles Alex's development as a game designer," the IF gang explain. "We've played the game multiple times over the last few years, at various states of completion, and each time the design and feel of the game shifts, and feels more refined. Kudos to Alex for iterating on his work and incubating it until it's really ready."

The last Indie Fund-supported game released was Dear Esther, which recouped the IF backing money within only five and a half hours. Before that was Q.U.B.E., which covered the cash in four days. Clearly, the Indie Fund has an eye for winners.

Our Jeff was impressed by Antichamber's Escherian puzzles when he played it last year, and also had a chat with Alexander Bruce about modifying the Unreal Engine.

Here's a recent trailer: