MechWarrior: Living Legends final version released as rights withdrawn

Three years after launching, stompy robot Crysis mod MechWarrior: Living Legends has released its very final version. The gang at Wandering Samurai Studios still have more they'd like to do but, alas, their license to use the MechWarrior property is up. So, download Living Legends 0.7.0 and see it out with a plasma blast.

"Over the years, we’ve strived to create the greatest, most innovative Battletech/MechWarrior game ever conceived. We feel our efforts re-inspired faith in the MechWarrior IP and paved the way to show that hard work and perseverance can bring anything to life given enough blood, sweat, and tears," project director 'Defender' wrote in the announcement. "Created by fans, for fans, we present to you this culmination of 6 years of work and whatever else we could slap together in time to release this final update to you; our community."

Patch 0.7.0 brings changes including new mechs and tanks, new HUDs, bug fixes, and balance tweaks. Wandering Samurai also gave a list of features which have been started but shall never be finished now that it's forced to stop. We won't see 16 maps, heaps of mechs of vehicles, several game modes, replacement sounds for all the Crysis assets, and more.

"As Developers and Staff of Wandering Samurai Studios, we are, as of this point, no longer allowed to create future content based on the MechWarrior IP due to legal obligations on behalf of various rights holders," Defender wrote. "These rights holders own the Legally Binding, Non-Transferrable, Non-Commercial License Agreement with Microsoft and as of 2013 will no longer officially support the MechWarrior: Living Legends division of Wandering Samurai Studios."

Even though MechWarrior was a dormant franchise at the time, it was still a surprise when then-rightsholder Microsoft gave Wandering Samurai the license. Now that MechWarrior is getting big again and actually making money, the new owners are probably looking to lock it down. Living Legends stomps similar ground to MechWarrior Online, MechWarrior Tactics is also on the horizon, and MWO developer Piranha is interested in making a single-player MW game too.