'MechWarrior: Living Legends' Crysis Mod Stomps Out

BOOM widget 90549 The joys of classic mech combat simulator series MechWarrior have come to Crysis with the release of MechWarrior: Living Legends beta v1.0, a 1.43GB mod available on FileShack.

The multiplayer mod boasts customisable mechs, battlesuits, tanks and aircraft by the dozen for players to pilot in objective-based gameplay modes as well as arena duels, all rendered in lovely Cry-o-vision.

MWLL had been granted a legal thumbs-up by then-license holder Microsoft and its release presumably signals a similar all-clear from the current holder Smith & Tinker--founded by Jordan Weisman, also co-founder of MechWarrior creator FASA--who is currently working on its own PC and Xbox 360 new MechWarrior with Piranha Games.

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