Valve announces new batch of Greenlight games

Valve has announced the latest group of titles to be approved through the Steam Greenlight process, and Leisure Suit Larry from Al Lowe's Replay Games and Akaneiro from American McGee's Spicy Horse Games. LSL was a successful Kickstarter, while Akaneiro is in the middle of its crowdfunding campaign.

The complete list:

  • Akaneiro: Demon Hunters - Spicy Horse Games

  • Asylum - AgustinCordes

  • DLC Quest - Mr Kane

  • Eador. Masters of the Broken World - Snowbird Games

  • La-Mulana - Playism

  • Leisure Suit Larry - Replay Games

  • MaK - Crowe T. Robot

  • The Age of Decadence - Elholm

  • Unepic - franfistro

  • War For The Overworld - Subterranean Games

Two software titles were also approved: Game design tool articy:draft, and modeling app GroBoto.