Batman: Arkham Universe domain registered by Warner Bros

Given the mad success of the Batman: Arkham games, it's unsurprising that Warner Bros is keen to work on another entry in the money-making franchise. The media conglomerate recently registered a number of key domains, suggesting that an Arkham something is in the works.

Discovered by Fusible, Warner Bros has registered a variety of URLs that suggest the next Arkham project could be called either Arkham Universe, Arkham Arises, Arkham Begins, Arkham Legends, Arkham Origins, Arkham Stories, and more.

The site posits that the registrations could be related to a rumored Batman movie set in the Arkham universe. However, internet sleuth Superannuation says that the "Universe name would make sense since other DC characters are supposed to be in the next Arkham title."

Batman: Arkham World was teased (perhaps joked about) during a VGA acceptance speech by the Joker. That name was not spotted amongst the new domain registrations. The most recent rumor on Rocksteady's latest game suggested a romp through Batman's silver age of comic books--something that would make the "Begins" and "Origins" monikers seem much more apt. Superannuation pointed out that there was only a month between the domain leak and announcement of Arkham City, so here's hoping that WB follows a similar timeframe.