Funcom in process of restructuring

The Secret World developer Funcom is restructuring, in a move that may result in studio closures. The publisher's MMOs are said to continue, and the Montreal office that served as the backbone for The Secret World will reportedly be going through changes but remaining open.

"The Montreal office is part of the restructuring process and will be affected, but our goal is for the studio to continue to exist although in a different form than today," a representative told

Games Industry International. "As we're currently in the middle of this process we can't go into further details right now, but we will update the market once the process has been completed."

The restructuring will involve the closure and consolidation of offices, but just which offices are unknown. Funcom's MMOs, including Secret World, Anarchy Online, and Age of Conan, will continue to run. Funcom hopes to make each of them more profitable with a "joint central team" behind their operations.

The Secret World saw a 30% increase in its total sales and a 400% increase in activity levels after its relaunch, which made subscriptions optional. It's currently working on a Lego Minifigures MMO, from the Oslo studio.