Video: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 'Revolution' DLC is official

The previously-leaked details for Black Ops 2's first DLC pack have now been confirmed. Activision has officially announced the "Revolution" add-on, which adds four new multiplayer maps, one new zombie map, a new zombie game mode, and a new weapon.

As expected, the add-on will be available first on Xbox 360: $14.99 on January 29. Other platforms will follow at "a later date," which usually ends up being about a month.

BOOM video 14471

Included in the add-on are four maps:

  • Hydro, a hydro-electric dam in Pakistan, complete with a floodable spillway
  • Grind, a skatepark in California filled with quarter-pipes
  • Downhill, a snow map at a ski resort in the French Alps
  • Mirage, a luxury resort in China’s Gobi Desert

Zombies players will be able to romp in "Die Rise," a map set in "crumbling skyscrapers in the Far East." A new mode, Turned, allows players to take control of the undead. Finally, the add-on introduces the Peacekeeper, the franchise's first DLC weapon. It's a SMG/assault rifle hybrid.

Unlike Modern Warfare 3, there is no tiered release schedule for Elite members. Instead, you can pick up a standalone DLC season pass, which promises to include all of this year's line-up of downloadable add-ons at a discount.