Dreadline Kickstarting monster murder mayhem

If you fancy sending a squad of monsters back in time to murder the doomed passengers aboard the Titanic before its crash, you may need to open up your wallet now. Eerie Canal, a small team founded by veterans of Irrational and Harmonix, is looking to crowdfund Dreadline, the monstrous action-RPG/RTS thingy it announced last year.

Eerie Canal's Kickstarter campaign is seeking $167,000 to finish the game. "It's quite a bit less than what other game projects of this size have asked for since we've been self funding for over a year now," the pitch explains. But why haven't we heard from Dreadline in a while?

"It took quite a bit longer for us to get to this point than we anticipated," Eerie Canal says. "As the project developed, our vision for what it could be grew and grew. What was originally going to be our quick-turnaround/low-risk/easy-breezy/genre game evolved into a completely original game that is far more exciting, but also far more challenging to build. Now that we're ready to really get down to building this thing, we're out of cash."

Traveling to seven historical disasters in all, Dreadline will see a young lad with a sheet over his head, a knife, and nine monster chums murdering people doomed to die anyway. Because.

Eerie Canal aims to release Dreadline for PC in August, but teases other platforms as stretch goals if the Kickstarter goes well. Multiplayer is also a possibility. Pay up, then.