Ex-Harmonix, Irrational staff teases new project 'Dreadline'

A new studio called Eerie Canal was built from former staffers from Harmonix, Irrational, and Iron Lore. The developer has announced its first title, Dreadline. The RTS/RPG hybrid puts you in control of a team of monsters with a time machine, going back to human disasters to kill the ones who are already doomed. The concept sounds like it's straddling the line between hilarious and horrible. It's due for PC in the first quarter of 2013.

The announcement teases real calamities like the Titanic and Pompeii, along with fictional ones like a mall zombie apocalypse. The game will feature ten stages in all, presumably of disasters with the distance of time and (at least some) good taste. It will feature unlockable characters with their own skills, and a freshly cooked game engine to support the art style.

The official site mentions that the game has been in the works for about six months so far. Check out the teaser-trailer below for an idea of the art style and tone.

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