Battlefield 3 'End Game' DLC detailed

The final announced piece of downloadable content for Battlefield 3 is coming up, and DICE has detailed what we can expect to see from it. The "End Game" DLC will bring back the Capture the Flag mode, and add a host of new maps and vehicles to keep you occupied.

The official Battlefield site (via CVG) reveals that the DLC will add a new dropship to provide "rapid deployment" of troop transports, air drops, and vehicle drop capabilities, plus three new vehicles including dirt bikes. It will also pack four maps to test out all the new toys on.

This will close out the "season" of content, and as DICE hasn't said otherwise, seems likely to close out the game's DLC plans altogether. It is called "End Game" after all. No release plans were discussed, but like the others it will hit Premium PlayStation 3 members first, then Premium members on other platforms, followed by the standard PS3 exclusivity, and then other platforms. Maybe for DICE's next game or season, the release schedule will be a little less convoluted.