Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy heads to iOS as free app

The adorable Final Fantasy music game that debuted on 3DS earlier this year is hitting yet another touch platform: iOS. The game is already available in the New Zealand App Store and should be hitting the US soon.

For the uninitiated, Theatrhythm takes classic Final Fantasy tunes and turns it into a music "RPG," of sorts. You can level up characters as you swipe and tap along to beat charts that appear on the screen.

Unlike the 3DS original, the base app is free. However, songs must be purchased a la carte. Unsurprisingly, in the first few hours of release, Final Fantasy VII's One-Winged Angel is topping the charts.

New to the iOS version is a new "Compose Scores" mode that lets players create their own scores. You'll be able to share your creations with others, and Square Enix teases that "you might even find some scores made by the developers and the creators."

The iOS app is compatible with iOS 4.3 devices, including: iPhone 4, 5th generation iPod Touch, and iPad 2.