SimCity trailer demonstrates inter-city play

EA's banged on about how urban planners will be able to connect cities in SimCity, and now demonstrates that nicely in a new six-minute video. Each city can hook up with neighbouring cities, run by you or your chums, to import and export resources like electricity and policing, or just to be friends I guess.

Each city is in a region with other empty parcels of land, which you and yer mates can found new cities on. If you want to keep your main city a glimmering shrine to the excesses of gambling, as lead designer Stone Librande has in this video series, you can pollute a new city with cheap coal power plants to send electricity your way. Librande hands that city over for a friend to run, then supplies it with policing from his, while relying upon its fire service. Handy thing, the world.

SimCity is coming to PC and Mac on March 5, 2013, developed by Maxis.

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