SimCity delayed, now erecting on March 5

If you were thrilled by the recent lenghty demonstration of SimCity or the peek at its disasters, head on down to the shops now, buy a 2013 calendar, and draw a big heart around March 5. That's when Maxis's city-building sim will launch, see. It was previously slated to arrive in February.

The announcement came via a terse Tweet. No fanfare, no trailer with dubstep up the wazoo, just a date: March 5. It'll hit Europe three days later, as is customary, on March 8.

It'll be available in $60 regular and $80 Digital Deluxe editions, with the latter packing new buildings, vehicles, decor and the like inspired by European cities. Pre-ordering will get you, er, the 'Heroes and Villains' DLC, which adds superheroes and supervillains duking it out.

Now, about that calendar... why not make it one with photos of some nice cityscapes, or some nice cats in some nice cityscapes? Or some nice cats building some nice cityscapes?