Shack PSA: Get your Wii U 'Digital Deluxe' rebates

If you bought a Wii U "Deluxe" model and any games from the eShop, you may not have realized that you've already been earning back rebate points. Today Nintendo has finally opened up the Digital Deluxe promotion site, so you can actually start cashing them in and spending that sweet, sweet 10%.

The Digital Deluxe site (via Joystiq) has you sign in with your Nintendo ID. From there, any existing digital purchases or retail codes you've punched in are counted toward your total. If you haven't bought anything through the eShop yet, you'll get an error message telling you to wait until you do.

If you have at least 500 points, you can trade them in for an activation code worth $5 of eShop credit. The points and codes make the system slightly more abstract, but it's all based on a simple 10% rebate. For example, a $59.99 purchase is worth 599 points, enough for an eShop code and some change. If you've been loading your Wii U up with downloadable games, you might have a pretty penny's worth of points waiting to be cashed in. If you bought a Basic version, though, no dice.