Wii U 'Deluxe Digital' promotion offers eShop rebates

The $350 "Deluxe" version of the Wii U includes access to Nintendo's mysterious "Deluxe Digital" promotion. So, what does that actually entail?

Members of the DDP will earn points on every digital purchase on Wii U, including downloadable games from the eShop and download codes sold at retail stores. Ten percent of the purchase price will be converted into points. For example, New Super Mario Bros. U will earn you 599 points based on its $59.99 price tag.

Every 500 points earned can be redeemed for $5 of eShop credit, which can be used to purchase Wii U or 3DS content. The Deluxe Digital promotion will cover all purchases from Wii U's November 18th launch to December 31, 2014.

"From day one, we want Wii U owners to experience the full breadth of great downloadable games and content available for the console," Nintendo of America's VP of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt said in the announcement.

Do note that the Deluxe version of Wii U only comes with 32GB of storage. One launch game (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) is already pegged at 17GB--meaning those that want to get the most out of the DDP will want to invest in some external storage solutions for their new Nintendo console.