Report: Far Cry 3 dev working on next-gen online RPG

Developers are likely hard at work on games for the next generation of consoles, and Ubisoft may have had one of its current projects outed. According to an online resume and material from the company, Ubisoft Massive is at work on a "AAA Next-Gen Online RPG." The studio most recently wrapped up work on Far Cry 3, as part of a multi-studio effort.

Both the LinkedIn profile of Ubisoft Massive game designer Marc Cartwright and current job listings (via OXM) mention the project, though neither sheds much light on what exactly the RPG might be. The studio is aiming to create "the best gameplay experiences ever conceived. For any game. Ever." While most recruiting efforts involve a bit of hyperbole, that's certainly one of the boldest statements we've ever seen.