Insane picked up by new dev, still two years away

Insane was Guillermo del Toro's ambitious video game trilogy. THQ had originally picked up the rights to publish del Toro's horror title, but the rights were recently returned to the director as part of the company's ongoing financial problems. Insane isn't canceled, however, and the project is still on track under a different developer.

"We were going to go to a lot of developers after THQ, but it seems like we're going to be developing it after the first meeting we had," he told IGN. "I can't disclose where it was, but we went to a great developer on the first meeting and it seems that they're picking it up because they love the package."

Del Toro says the pre-production design work is finished, including the creatures, setting, and story. "We are now going to take that and start doing all the leg work with coding it, creating the engine, and starting to test it. It's going to take a good two years of modeling and rendering and creating the environments and all of that. The basic tenants of the game is that it's created, but now we’re going to need to start actually making it."

He says THQ's recent financial troubles "took everybody by surprise, everybody." The game isn't facing the kind of economic hardship that it once was, but del Toro suggests that he may scale down the scope. Asked if he's still planning it as a trilogy, he said, "I think we're going to concentrate on making it a great game and then we'll see. Obviously, among the assets was that idea, so I think there's a possibility. But we are not exploring it."

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