THQ drops Insane, rights returned to Guillermo del Toro

Director Guillermo del Toro's video game is no longer in the works, THQ's Brian Rubin revealed during an investor's conference call today.

Insane was originally planned as "an original trilogy of triple-A games" to be developed by Volition, Inc. Del Toro described it as "Lovecraftian."

Since THQ ended the Red Faction franchise, developer Volition was said to have moved on to development on del Toro's horror trilogy. However, little of substance was ever shown off to the public. It appears Volition is now exclusively working on the next Saints Row game.

According to Rubin, rights for Insane have gone back to del Toro. This is the latest project terminated by THQ. Recently, the publisher transferred rights for the UFC franchise to Electronic Arts.