Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition delayed on iOS

The revamped Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition was supposed to launch today for iThings alongside its PC counterpart, but a last crash bug in the final build has seen it held up. It'll probably be next week before you can return to the Forgotten Realms on your iPad, developer Overhaul Games predicts.

"The iOS build is not approved," creative director Trent Oster said on Twitter. "We've found a crash bug and had to re-submit, which pushes us to the back of the line. I'd guess next week."

The PC version is due to hit at 11am PST. It's sold exclusively through Beamdog, Overhaul's parent company, for $19.99. As for the Mac edition, Oster says Overhaul is waiting on Apple's approval, while the Android version will arrive after iOS. The crash bug holding everything up was cross-platform, Oster explained, so they all need to be fixed and Overhaul's evidently prioritising.

Our review of the PC version will be posting later today. Until then, check out our interview with Oster, who worked on the original, and this here trailer:

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