Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition trailer shows gameplay

The shiny release of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will indeed arrive on PC next week, developer Overhaul Games has confirmed, so come celebrate by watching a trailer showing off retro RPG action. What does it look like? Well, you know, like Baldur's Gate but a bit enhanced.

Overhaul has revamped BioWare's classic with co-op, support for modern operating systems, high-res cutscenes, new party members and quests, and other jazz.

It'll be sold exclusively through Overhaul's parent company Beamdog, where you can pre-order now. If you use Beamdog's client, you can preload the game now to start playing as soon as it's out on November 28. Beamdog will also offer a standalone installer too, mind.

With BG:EE out, Overhaul will start work on revamping Baldur's Gate 2. After that, Beamdog president Trent Oster told us in an interview, it'll look at DLC.

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