Microsoft rewarding Xbox Live veterans with special 360s

Xbox Live is turning 10 years old, and if you've been a member for nearly that long you might have a surprise waiting for you today. Microsoft has confirmed that it is rewarding long-time Xbox Live user with special edition consoles. At least one veteran found the surprise console at home.

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb confirmed the giveaways with a tweet (via Kotaku). The special edition console has its own color scheme, and logos touting a "Decade of Entertainment" and "XBL10" on the side and disc tray of the console, respectively.

Hryb's tweet didn't quite specify what counts as "the longest." The service launched in October 2002, so users who have been members the entire time are probably few and far between. It's safe to assume that anyone who's kept up a Live subscription for that long already has an Xbox 360, so this decorative brag piece might end up on eBay someday.