Day-one Wii U purchases still possible, Nintendo says

Haven't pre-ordered a Wii U? Dismayed by stories of sold-out pre-orders, have you given up on trying to get a system day one? Don't worry too much, Nintendo's Scott Moffitt says. You'll still be able to get your hands on a Wii U--if you get lucky.

"We want product to be available on day one in stores throughout the country. If you line up or get there early, you should be able to get product on day one," Moffitt promised.

Although national retailers like GameStop are already sold out of pre-sales, Moffitt told VentureBeat that they have not sold out on their "day one allocation," adding that every retailer has "held some back so they have product on day one for consumers that come in the door." So if you're willing to wait on line for a system, it's entirely possible you'll be able to get a system like everyone else.

Nintendo also promises that Wii U will be easier to get than Wii because "well have more Wii U units on store shelves in week one than we did for Wii in 2006. We'll also have replenishment much more frequently during the holiday."

Wii U will be available on November 18th. Good luck, if you're attempting to get one then.