Former Square president calls Enix merger 'a complete disaster'

Square Enix isn't the powerhouse publisher it once was. Missteps like Final Fantasy XIV's troubled launch have led to somewhat of a reputation drop for the Japanese company, and recent quarter reports showed a loss of 5.5 billion yen (approximately $69 million). A former executive of Square has criticized the company, citing its Enix merger and lack of vision as the cause of the troubles.

"The merger is a complete failure," former Square president Hisashi Suzuki said on Twitter (via Develop). "There is no vision for the future."

Suzuki himself was president at Squaresoft, then served as a director at Square Enix for two years following the merger. He pointed out that when the merger first happened, the market cap was at 150 billion yen, but has now posted a market cap of 124 billion yen.