The Ship: Full Steam Ahead launches Kickstarter

The Ship remains one of the most interesting multiplayer FPS concepts, a shooter where players are all hunting someone specific but must pretend they're perfectly harmless and simply enjoying a nice cruise. Also interesting is its passage through various business models, from free Half-Life mod, through commercial Source engine remake to, now, Kickstartered sequel.

The Ship: Full Steam Ahead is going steampunk, which means fancy dresses, goggles aplenty, automatons, and cogs, cogs, cogs everywhere! If you missed all The Ship's previous incarnations, imagine the Assassin's Creed multiplayer but with needs like hunger, cleanliness, tiredness and socialization to juggle, meaning you may need to go somewhere risking leaving you along with your killer. On the bright side, your victim feels them too, so hammer their heads in the bogs.

The KickStarter campaign from developer Blazing Griffin is looking for £100,000 (about $160,000). Yes, Blazing Griffin, as it bought the series from creator Outerlight after it shut down. Things sadly did not end well for Outerlight, which it shut up shop shortly after launching its The Ship-inspired murderfest Bloody Good Time.

Pledging at least £16 ($25-ish) will get you a copy when Full Steam Ahead launches, currently slated for early 2014 on PC. Higher perks include posters, patches and getting into the game.

What's up with all the crazy £ symbols? Today was the official launch of Kickstarter in the UK, causing a sudden spurt from this green and pleasant land, this sceptered isle.