Resident Evil 6 patch adds adjustable camera

We didn't like Resident Evil 6. And one of the reasons was the game's much-too-close camera. Your character takes up so much screen real estate, it's often impossible to see what's in front of your character. Taking cover only exacerbates the problem, rendering the feature nearly useless. While the game has already sold millions of copies, Capcom isn't ignoring criticism. In fact, an upcoming patch promises to fix this critical issue by adding a wider camera option. "If you felt the camera was pulled in too tight, you will soon be able to zoom out a bit and see more of the surrounding area," Capcom explains in a new blog post. "Again, this will be optional, so if you prefer the current look, it's still available." The feature will be introduced in a patch to be available in mid-December--the same patch that adds the free Ada Wong co-op partner and No Hope difficulty.

Before the patch, left; after the patch, right