Resident Evil 6 gets No Hope difficulty, Ada Wong co-op DLC for free

Yes, Resident Evil 6 has some DLC tucked away on-disc. But, Capcom is making that content available for free next week.

A title update coming "soon" will add two new pieces of content to Capcom's zombie shooter. The patch will add a new "No Hope" difficulty mode to the game, aptly described as "super hard." In addition, a new co-op partner will be added for the Ada Wong campaign (currently single-player only).

One of the side effects of the patch is that Ada's campaign will be available from the get-go, meaning you no longer have to suffer through the game's three criss-crossing adventures to unlock her story.

A post on Capcom-Unity explains that while "some date of this update is on the disc," the data is "incomplete and requires the actual download to access." And future paid DLC is not on the disc--something the company has been frequently criticized of doing as of late.