Report: Zynga lays off 100 from Austin studio

Facing lawsuits, resignations, and a massive stock hit, Zynga has reportedly laid off roughly 100 employees from its studio in Austin, TX, with similar downsizing possible for its Chicago and Boston offices. According to reports, employees were dismissed this afternoon and given two hours to leave the premises.

Ars Technica reports that even if it shrinks or closes those three offices, though, it would still retain 16 working offices in locations like San Fransisco, Seattle, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan. The 100-personnel figure comes from a tweet from San Francisco designer Justin Maxwell. The reports of layoffs in Boston and Chicago come from unconfirmed word from Gamasutra.

The company has had a rocky few months. Following a major stock loss, the company was hit with a class-action suit and investigation into insider trading. Chief Operating Officer John Schappert subsequently resigned, and the company gave stock options to retain employees.

Shacknews has contacted Zynga regarding the reports, and will update as more information becomes available.