Corpse Party: Book of Shadows chilling PSP this winter

Huzzah PSP owners, you're all invited to a party! XSEED Games is giving a reading from the Book of Shadows and bids you join it. Actually, that's a lie I told to introduce this story. In truth, XSEED has announced it's bringing anime-inspired horror-adventure sequel Corpse Party: Book of Shadows westwards this winter for PSP. No one wants to invite you to their party.

Book of Shadows packs eight self-contained short stories of spooky puzzling, XSEED explains in a guest post on the PlayStation.Blog, including some going back to the evil events at the Heavenly Host Elementary School in the original Corpse Party.

Book of Shadows was released in Japan before the original even hit North America.

To celebrate today's announcement, XSEED is putting the original on sale for two weeks. From tomorrow, it'll be $9.99 thanks to a 50% discount in the PlayStation Store.

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