Need for Speed Most Wanted packs Kinect voice control

As a committed pedestrian, I've often suspected that the only real reason to drive a car is that other passengers don't gawp at you when you yell at the vehicle. Delightfully, Need for Speed Most Wanted will recreate this sensation in the Xbox 360 edition with Kinect voice support, Electronic Arts announced today.

By yelling at your television, you'll be able to customize your car, select races, switch cars, "and much more," EA says. You can also use it to tweak your car's upgrades.

"I played Mass Effect [3] through with Kinect and I just loved the way they handled the voice in that game, it was really cool," producer Chris Roberts said in a video accompanying the announcement. "And then, also, we're geeks, we work in games, I'm a big Iron Man fan as well and I just thought it'd be kind of cool to control a lot of the aspects of your car with your voice."

Criterion's Need for Speed Most Wanted launches for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 30. Here's Chris to explain more of what you can do with Kinect voice control:

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