Gears of War movie still being shopped to studios

It's been years since we've heard much about the Gears of War film adaptation. We last heard an update in 2010, when the movie was said to be scaled back from its original, more ambitious scope. That seemed to put it on a downward trajectory, and given the silence about it we had assumed it was lost in limbo. But apparently the latest script is still being shopped around to studios.

Variety (via IGN) reports that the film won't go through New Line, which is focused on the Hobbit films. But the Creative Artists Agency plans meet with producers in the coming weeks to show them the latest draft of the script from Stuart Beattie (Collateral, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides). CAA represents both Beattie and Epic Games.

We recently learned that Tony Scott had been interested in directing the adaptation. Now that the script is starting fresh and seeking a new production company, it may be years before we see it hit the big screen.