Filmmaker Tony Scott wanted to direct Gears of War movie

Film director Tony Scott, who died over the weekend, wanted to direct the movie based on the Gears of War franchise. Former New Line Cinema producer Jeff Katz revealed the deceased filmmaker's wishes, and compared the potential of the project to the sci-fi films of Tony's brother, Ridley Scott.

"When we acquired Gears of War at New Line, he badly wanted to direct," Katz tweeted (via GameSpot). "Chased it hard. It didn't work out, but I always loved the idea of seeing him play in that sort of Ridley-adjacent space, which he'd really avoided. I'll always wish it happened."

Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski confirmed Katz's account of the director's passion. "He had a visdeo presentation and everything," Bleszinski tweeted. "He told stories about filming Man on Fire in Mexico." The Gears of War movie is currently in limbo, after being scaled back in 2010.

Tony Scott was known for directing Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Man on Fire, and most recently Unstoppable.