Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall Kickstarting old-school RPG

Following a string of successful crowd-funding campaigns, the old-school RPG may well be the new new-school RPG. Wizardry series veteran Brenda Brathwaite, along with Tom Hall, co-founder of both id Software and Ion Storm, and the rest of the gang at Loot Drop are now hoping to make one of their own, seeking $1 million from you and me to fund it.

They Kickstarter campaign is to make, well, an old-school RPG, with classes, races, party members, skills, leveling up, quests, treasure, and all that jazz. You know, RPG stuff. Loot Drop doesn't offer much more than a feature list, but Brathwaite and Hall themselves pack serious heat.

A cool million is a hefty initial goal, but they'd ideally like an awful lot more. There are the requisite stretch goals adding new modes and content, but at $1.9 million they'll commit to making two separate games, one designed by Brathwaite and the other by Hall.

Pledging at least $15 will get you a copy of the game, then there are the usual physical edition, self-insertion, and party perks. A pen-and-paper RPG based on the game is up for grabs too.