Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch has Vertigo

Classic Counter-Strike map de_vertigo has arrived in CS: Global Offensive's latest patch alongside a brand new map for Arms Race mode, the snowy ar_monastery. The update also shakes up matchmaking for Classic Competitive mode, making would-be terrorists and counter-terrorists queue rather than tossing them into games in progress.

The matchmaking queue will make you wait while it puts together ten people to play, then send you into a best-of-16 showdown. Your slot in the game is held if you need to reconnect for any reason, but you'll be blocked from Classic Competitive for 30 minutes if you abandon it. Valve's "recalibrating" the Elo player ratings it uses for matchmaking, so expect that to improve with time.

Check the full changelog for more on all the patch's fixes and balance tweaks, and here's a quick peek at the new maps: