Forza Horizon demo coming October 9

Forza Horizon is gearing up for its October 23 launch, but you can give it a spin and get a bonus livery for doing so. The demo will be available on October 9, and Microsoft and Playground Games have released a trailer to celebrate.

The demo covers the Colorado region, with a variety of cars and event types to keep you occupied. Completing events in the demo will also mark them as "Rivals Mode" events, pitting your times against other players. Finally, the demo will offer a "section" of the larger game map to get a sense of the open world--but no word on just how big that section will be.

If you download the demo and then play the game, you'll get a custom 2013 SRT Viper GTS livery out of the deal. That may sweeten the pot enough to purchase the game for racing fans, but it will probably have to be one heck of a demo to coax an additional 50 bucks out of people for the season pass.

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