Joe Danger: The Movie coming to PS3 with additional content

Joe Danger began his ride on the PlayStation Network, and after a short detour to the Xbox 360, he's on his way back. Hello Games announced today that Joe Danger: The Movie is coming to PSN, and bringing some extra content with him.

A post on the PlayStation.Blog was notably vague about what the extra content will be, but promises a whopping ten hours of extra play time. Also of note is a response in the comments, which says "one thing at a time" to a fan asking for a Vita version. It's not a confirmation, but the studio seems to be considering it at least.

Hello Games has already said that Joe Danger 2 will be the last game in the series, as Hello feels it has exhausted the possibilities of the concept with this latest iteration. It stars Joe as a working stunt-man, hopping to vehicles in various movie sets.