Torchlight 2 demo available

If you didn't pounce upon Runic's delightful action-RPG Torchlight II when it launched for PC yesterday, perhaps a demo might pique your interest. A small slice is available for your playing pleasure, in case you're wondering if it's as fun to click on monsters until they explode in a shower of coins and swords in the sequel (it is).

You can download the 1.3GB demo from Shacknews, which is really the full client you can later unlock by buying TL2 direct from Runic, or through Steam. Heck, why not download Matt Uelmen's lovely free soundtrack too?

Runic is already planning to make extra content for the $20 game, which it wants to release for free. "In the long run we want to be known as the people who have the best value in gaming," CEO Max Schaefer has said.

After Torchlight II is fixed up and out on Mac, though, Runic fancies a bit of a break. The long-planned Torchlight MMO may not happen, as the MMO market has changed a lot since Runic first proposed it.