Halo 7, 8, and 9 domains registered by Microsoft

Microsoft did some housekeeping recently, cleaning up some Halo domains it had missed earlier this year, picking up the .net and .org versions of Halo 7, Halo 8 and Halo 9, thus securing yet another potential trilogy after Halo 4's new trilogy begins later this year.

According to domain snooper Fusible, Microsoft picked up the new domains through its agent, MarkMonitor. Microsoft picked up the rights to Halo 5.com and Halo 9.com for an undisclosed sum earlier this year, but could not grab the .com versions of Halo 6, Halo 7 and Halo 8 as they are owned and other entities.

Of course, while you could start building your Halo 9 fan site, do note that these registrations aren't necessarily indicative of any actual game-making plans. “Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment,” a company rep told IGN.