Stan Lee unveils Verticus for iOS

Even at 89 years young, Stan Lee is still creating new superheroes with unbridled enthusiasm. Over the weekend, Lee revealed the first trailer for Verticus at Comikaze.

Verticus is a freefalling arcade title for iOS, centering around a new hero in a heat-resistant suit. An alien race led by the Obliterator has planted bombs around the world with only Verticus to stop him. The brief debut trailer shows Verticus freefalling towards his target, while avoiding any obstacles in his way. Once the hero disarms the bomb, he must launch himself skyward in a similar manner. Lee will also offer narration for the game's story.

"A few months ago, we thought Stan would be a phenomenal partner to make a mobile game with," said Matt Kozlov, CEO of mobile games studio Moonshark. "We just had to find the right idea and we met a great development studio, Controlled Chaos. They pitched us a great idea for a hero that falls. Then we went to Stan, we worked with Controlled Chaos, and the team of us threw ideas against the wall until we came up with this hero and this great, deep plot for Verticus."

During the press conference, Lee described the story in a way that only he can. "I hate to frighten you, but Earth is in terrible danger. Because some aliens planted this ultimate explosive at the bottom of the Earth. Only Verticus can dive down and somehow elude all these things that'll kill him if they hit and he has to get that explosive and he has to destroy it, even at the risk of his own life! Then, after he's destroyed it, he goes back up again, but while he's going up, he has to fight through more things! He finally succeeds, if you're a good player! You finally get him to the top, you breathe a sigh of relief, and then you find out somebody planted another damn thing down there! And he's got to go again and it never ends, because we never want your pleasure at this game to end."

Stan Lee's Verticus is coming this fall.