Free Love for everyone, man

Love, "the game everybody meant to play but never did" in the words of its creator Eskil Steenberg, has been turned free so all of us who shuffle our feet sheepishly and say "Yeah... I did mean to play it" might actually do so. Steenberg has scrapped the access fee, opening up the fascinating procedurally-generated build-y co-operative-y massively multiplayer-ish... thing to one and all for nowt.

"Love, in terms of gameplay has been basically rewritten a few times since release. It's a brand new type of game so there are many mistakes to be made but I think that I finally am figuring it out... Now i just want people to play it," Steenberg told Eurogamer.

Steenberg used to charge €10 (about $13) for 180 days of access. Hit up the official site to start playing, though the servers are understandably busy since this announcement.

Love is difficult to explain, as pop music attests, but in short it's a procedurally-generated world where you can carve structures from the landscape and build strange and wonderful machines, warring with NPC tribes or whatever else you fancy getting up to. Here's a recent demonstrating many ways to accomplish one simple task, getting up a ledge: