FarmVille 2 launches on Zynga.com and Facebook today

The game that really put Zynga on the map has returned. Three years after the original, FarmVille 2 has launched. Like it's predecessor, it invites Facebook and Zynga.com players to cultivate their own farms, all whilst getting support from friends. However, FarmVille 2 also marks the first of Zynga's "next generation" game offerings: it's the first Zynga game to be built entirely in 3D, the first to run in Adobe Flash Player 11, and the first to offer a right-click option.

FarmVille promises to have more "meaningful" social interactions than the first game. For example, you can now assign "Farm Helpers" and designate how friends will be able to help out on their farm. Friends will be able to harvest crops, feed animals, and collect resources for each other as well.

Designing your farm will be far more versatile this time around, as you'll be able to "paint" seeds, water crops, and move items. And because the game is 3D, you'll be able to move and rotate objects as well.

Of course, many players that are still attached to their virtual farms may not want to abandon the original FarmVille. Zynga promises that both the original and its sequel will continue to get updated, as each have "dedicated teams" working on regular content updates. You can play FarmVille 2 at zynga.com or on Facebook.