Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC tentatively set for mid-October

The "Mechromancer" class in Borderlands 2 made its debut at PAX East in April, so it's only appropriate that Gearbox dropped new details at PAX Prime over the weekend. The character is tentatively scheduled for mid-October, but the date isn't finalized quite yet.

Eurogamer reports that the class is set for October 16, according to Gearbox CEO and co-founder Randy Pitchford. The character will be available for free if you pre-order the game, but will cost you $10 if you came to the party late. We know they've been working on it since at least late July.

The class uses a skill tree called "Best Friends Forever," centered around more accessible skills for players who aren't familiar with shooters. Gearbox created a stir recently when lead designer John Hemingway referred to the easier tech tree as "girlfriend mode." The class can also summon mechs, like the Deathtrap, to do the killing for her.

Gearbox also recently announced a DLC Season Pass for the game, offering four packs for $30 instead of $40 if bought separately. The packs haven't been detailed, but we do know it won't include the Mechromancer.