BattleBlock Theater packs level editor

There's surely little finer in life than decking your mates in a deadly arena of your own design, and BattleBlock Theater can make your dreams a reality. The Xbox Live Arcade fighty platformer will come complete with a level editor, developer The Behemoth announced during PAX Prime.

It's the same editor as the folks behind Castle Crashers use themselves, The Behemoth explains, and "Easier than putting on your own two shoes!" You'll be able to design levels with other people, share them online for the world to play, and rate other people's efforts.

"So you know, this has been so hard to keep quiet," artist Dan Paladin said. "I mean we've had the Level Editor this entire time, but I can't really tell anyone about it until we knew all the details and innerworkings. Then we made it just a little nicer for you than we did for ourselves. Because we think you deserve nice things."

BattleBlock Theater was originally scheduled for release in 2010 but The Behemoth has sensibly long since stopped talking dates.